Sep 15, 2021 | Blog

87% of the year is over….  What are you going to do with the other 13%?

Are you going to wait until the ‘New Years Resolution’ time to get started?

Or are you going to stop procrastinating and start NOW?

Are you going to go into Christmas dinner feeling guilty about another binge session where you eat until you start sweating?


Are you going to go into Christmas Dinner healthy, happy and confident? Knowing that what you’ve done for the last 5 weeks is changing your life!

I have been blessed with opportunity, when the world shut down, new doors and avenues opened for me.

So many people lost their jobs during covid.

So did I.

But then, I had these doors that opened for me to be able to serve my clients in even more ways and help them to reach their full potential.

I feel it’s and honor and a privilege to have all these ladies who relate to me and have chosen me to be their coach.

So I want to do my best with this opportunity I’ve been given to teach them how to be healthy, happy and confident.

To inspire them to do more for themselves and stop putting themselves last.

This is such an amazing chapter in my life.  I want to and am working on levelling up my coaching, and creating content in my community that is relative to the situation and how my clients are feeling and what they are going through, to help them process the situation and navigate their health in these uncertain times.

Right now is THEE MOST IMPORTANT TIME to get healthy or remain healthy, keep our immune system up and be able keep ourselves safe.

I truly believe everything in my life has led me to this, who I was called to be.  I was called to this position to be there for other and make them smile and be happy.

To be a source of joy in their life and enable them to see their success through my eyes.

I’ve learned to lean into those relationships and have the tough conversations.

I’ve learned to lead with love and humility, because I am only a human trying to figure this all out, just like everyone else.

I feel so good where I am right now. I feel the most fullfilled that I have in my entire life.

My anxiety is lessening each day. I feel just like – at peace with where I am. Like I’ve finally just … ahhhhhh relaxed and found my purpose in life.