Every once in a while I like to look back at my life over the past couple years, reflect and re evaluate.

Sep 14, 2021 | Blog

Yesterday was one of those days. 

Last week was a HUGE week for me. 

So. Much. Growth. 

If you’re working with me, you know – 

On Sundays, we set goals. 

So today, I reflect upon how much I’ve grown, and the lives I’ve been given the opportunity to help change. 

I have EVOLVED into this person, every step was with intention and drive to being a better me than the day before. 

I have zero regrets in life, because even the things that didn’t turn out as expected, or the times I felt taken advantage of – it all led me to be right here. 

And right here, coaching ladies, changing lives with the BABS, this is where I’m meant to be. 

I have never felt so aligned in my life! 

I have so much ambition to continue to learn. To better myself in turn to help others better themselves.  

I like to read books and listen to podcast and build programs and work with people and discover what makes them them. 

YOU are what drives ME to get up each day with a giant grin on my face. 

YOUR RESULTS are what push me to push you to be better every day. 

I continue to better myself everyday so that I can share my knowledge and mindset with you. 

I have a passion to help people (and cats and dogs apparently 🤷‍♀️) … all living things I guess!

Thank you for trusting me to help you. 

Thank you for believing in me. 

Thank you for your support. 


I want to make this world a better place.  

Leave things better than when you got there. 

Leave people better than when you met them.  

Give more than you take